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If soapstone is something that you are considering for your kitchen, you might be wondering why soapstone counters are the best choice. There are many benefits of soapstone counters including durability, stain resistance, and ease of care that make this material an excellent choice. Here are some other reasons on why soapstone counters are the best option.
Durability: soapstone is a dense material that cannot be scratched, dented or scraped. It will not stain easily and it can be re-polished if a scratch does occur. A soapstone countertop will last decades.
Tile: soapstone is a better choice over tile because it does not require grout lines that can stain and harbor bacteria. Soapstone also has a smooth surface that is easy to clean.

Kitchen: soapstone is the perfect material for a kitchen countertop because it is heat resistant and will not scorch or discolor. It is also non-toxic and does not release any harmful fumes. Soapstone is the perfect choice for those who want a natural, sustainable material for their kitchen counters.
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A FEW FACTS ABOUT natural countertops

Soapstone is primarily composed of talc

Soapstone shares many physical properties with that mineral making it valuable for many different uses

Soapstone is non-porous, heat resistant and non-absorbent

Soapstone is resistant to acid and alkalis

More Soapstone Options

Soapstone and tile both have their pros and cons. Soapstone is a natural material, so it is not as durable as tile. It can scratch easily and can stain if it is not properly sealed. However, soapstone has a unique look that other materials cannot provide. Tile is a man-made material, making it easy to find in different colors and styles. It is very durable and can resist scratches and stains. However, tile does not have the same distinct look as soapstone.

Soapstone countertops cost more than tile countertops do. Soapstone is a natural material, while tile is a man-made material. Tile also comes in different colors and styles whereas soapstone only comes in one color with limited variety.

Soapstone needs to be sealed on a regular basis. If soapstone is not properly sealed, it can turn into soap and can even cause stains. Sealing soapstone is a simple process, but soapstone does need to be resealed every few years.

Tiles are resistant to stains and scratches, making them long-lasting countertops. Tile countertops do not require sealing, but they might need to be cleaned on a regular basis depending on where the kitchen is located.

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