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Can You Use Tile As A Baseboard And Edge Countertops?

Tile is a versatile product that you can use in many ways beyond simply covering floors and walls. You could install it as an entryway or bathroom shower, for example, to border mirror images, among other things; there’s no limit on where this beautiful material will work!

Bullnose tiles are the most common way of using tile as a baseboard or border where there will be an exposed edge at termination. These factory-made pieces have been produced with their rounded edges in mind, and once coated, they seamlessly cover it so you can’t even tell it’s there! Baseboards come both pre-rounded on just one side if necessary corner pieces also have different edging depending upon which corners are being used for alignment purposes.

In some rare cases, your selection of tile will not have a bullnose option available. In these situations, you can create the perfect beveled edge by using one blade from our wet saw set and an adaptor for this tool that has been designed specifically to provide rounded corners on tiles with flat faces or edges already in place! 

You can use ceramic tile as border pieces for various floor inserts, ranging from hardwood to carpet and marble. The advantage is that you will not have an edge visible because it’s buried in your flooring material like with wood!

With suitable tiles, you can create beautiful borders for your home. Use bullnose flooring in place of a baseboard and corner pieces to frame corners or custom miter any edges that are not straight with this timeless design trend.

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Tiles have been around for a long time

Tiles  were found in an archaeological dig in Egypt, and they date back to about 4,700 BC

Tiles are the number one choice of wall covering in bathrooms

Tiles are easy to clean, non-porous when glazed, and mold resistant

How To Edge Your Tile Countertop

Tile countertops are one of the most durable available. Although there is a multitude to select from in terms of style (round or square), size (smaller than 12 inches) material quality can vary greatly. When considering what type you want for your kitchen, make sure it’s something that will last even after years of use because not all finishes wear away quickly as others do- some might hold up better over time, while other less expensive options may start chipping easily due to their fragile nature! For more lasting appeal, try adding an edge instead of leaving everything exposed.

Creating a bullnose countertop is relatively easy and requires only the following materials: two layers of 5/8 inch plywood, one layer of 1/2 inch concrete board on top for additional strength (sand if necessary), mortared in place with mortar. You must then install edging around your new surface that extends past an edge by at least three inches so you can lay tiles down easily without any problems during installation. It should also extend along both sides, including overhangs where no tile will go but rather just have something like trim pieces or molding attached to them instead—this gives off a more finished look than anything else does when done right!

Are you interested in using tiles on your countertops? Then call Arena Marble & Granite today. We have a large selection of beautiful, high-quality designs for just about any kitchen or bathroom!

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